Sandox Alpha - My engagement graph & suggestions

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Because after 10 hours of real time, when almost the whole area is explored

motivation and engagement is quickly fading out

(as another user commited suiced in game after 20 days)

Sandbox Alpha - my engagement graph so far:


Key points explained:

A. Too much deaths (survied for ~8-12h), not so friendly UI for newcomers, night starts are too frequent

I never was a survivor IRL, too many friction points in gameplay mechanics - I need to learn how game behaves from scratch, etc.

B. After 4 hours. Finnaly got how game mechanics work! No more thursty and freeze deaths

C. After 10 hours. No thursty. Issues with hunger. Still doesn't have any idea how to hunt deers / find food after all places and houses are explored. Started fix my stuff.

D. After 18 hours. Almost the whole map is explored. Hunger issues. Misunderstood 'Harvest' menu functionality and accidentially "vaporized" my hatchet and my best clothes!!! I thought that I'm repairing them / using them to find cloth, etc. What a bummer... After 6 days of survival starting this whole again is a huge pain ;)


So to stay in the flow for gamer like me:

  • I think more exploration is needed (maybe some hidden passages or hidden doors will become open after user explored 90% of all places with more exploration and content)
  • Some very basic hints how to survive should appear at the beggining of the game, if for the long period of time player doesn't get how to do very basic things.
  • Also in D. section mouse-only UI of Inventory and managing items becomes more boring than fun. Too much clicks needed for simple actions
    like sorting things by weight and leave them on field when your fatique is in the red zone and later you need to cath those items with those that you found on another place.


I understand "it's a chalenge homie", "do your home work", "it's too early", "let devlopers focus on main things", etc.

But unfortunately these 'little' issues puts me off from the pure fun and enjoyable gameplay (as was in B section) and the 'flow' state (see top-left image above).

So I think devs should know this. Loving TLD!

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