How do I get into the private backer community?


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The videos will be compiled throughout the project progress, and then be released closer to the end [i'm sure they'll have a lot of editing to do so it doesn't end up 400+ hours long].

It's sorta like the "behind the scenes" or "the making of" type bonus material when a movie is released... can't really put it together until the scenes are actually shot.

I'm looking forward to it when TLD is released too... will be interesting to see how the team's efforts and hard work brought the whole game to life for us.

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  • Hinterland

I pledged $20 through paypal on the long dark website and still nothing from hinterland about how to get access to the behind the scenes videos, anyone?

As others have said, the behind the scenes developer stuff will be coming out later in the project.

In terms of your thread title, the "private" backer community currently takes the shape of the updates we send out only to our backers (both from Kickstarter and PayPal).

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