Forum software is a giant space waster and sucks

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Hi guys,

just want to express my dislike over the forum software. Bohemia Interactive (ArmA) btw. switched to the same one, which was a bad decision. This software wastes so much space. Their main goal seems to be: "How can we get as few information as possible on one screen".

Which is bad. E.g., for a healthy forum life it helps to have a quick overview over what is currently hot, what's currently happening.
Now this is
But on my screen with 1200px height, it usually shows 4-5 subjects at once. Not good for getting an overview.

The forum software is bad. It's just eye candy. It's a trap.


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I don't share the OP's opinion either, the new software looks much cleaner than the old one and it has some nice features the other didn't have. To little things bother me:

- web images are not shown if they don't end in a file name, like steam screenshots whose URL ends in a directory and not a filename
- no signature :(

Other than that it's a big step forward.

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Hello I'm sorry . if I ask a question not in the topic, but I don't know very well English , so here is my question, when will be plans for the game? just be honest , I was personally interested in The Long Dark, and in the end I want to see new animals and locations ).

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