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In the Wish List section, I complained about the disappeared wolves as I saw only one during the first week (there were actually a few more later on). The loot for that run wasn't anything spectacular either, way too much clothes in the expense of other items. However, it turned out to be my record run so far.

The first 15 days were fairly easy, just exploring, setting up base at the Camp Office, eating what food I found and shooting some deer. The trouble started at around 17 days as I had real trouble getting firewood. Fortunately, I had found two packages of water purification tablets, so those helped, although I tried to save them as long as possible.

Things were getting pretty much a routine of trying to find firewood and staying indoors cooking and getting water. Fairly boring, in other words. The only excitement came from shooting the wolf prowling around the office, which seemed to respawn, or maybe it was a different wolf every time.

My previous record was a little over 21 days, so I decided that once I broke that, I would go out and do something. The idea was that I'd never last 30 days to get that achievement, so there was no point in getting bored to death in the office.

That something was to go and try to find the Prepper Cache. That wasn't among better ideas as at 23 days I was in the Forestry Lookout and so close to death that I thought there was no way I could recover, but I did (you can see that part here:

I had to leave the Lookout in a not-so-good condition, but at least I wasn't dead. Headed back to the office and it took some days to get back to 100% condition (mainly because there was never quite enough food). At that point I started thinking I might actually make it to 30 days, so I only went out when I needed food or firewood.

Finally, I had a pile of clothes, no rifle, no hatchet, no hunting knife, no food and was running out of water as well. That's when I just went to bed and slept a few hours at a time, observing the condition go down. For the last 1%, just waited for it to end.

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TLD is very hard when you get started. There's no tutorial to teach you how to survive, so you'll have to learn by trial and error. In the beginning you'll die a lot but hopefully each time you die you've learned from it. First time you get the "You died from dehydration in your sleep" message, you learn to drink before sleeping and not to sleep for too long a period at a time.

The longer you keep playing, the better you'll learn to survive. Once you know the most important factors you need to keep an eye on and how to manage them, you'll be able to go much farther than 32 days.

It took me 5 or 6 tries to get beyond 3 days. After 10 runs I made it to 22 days, dying from a stupid mistake. I'm currently on my 11 run (I think) and am at 122 days and still going strong. If I don't do anything stupid and don't have very bad luck, I could easily get to 150 days. But that's probably not going to happen... Tomorrow we will get the next patch, and I don't expect to be able to continue my current run after the update.

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I'm running at 10 days currently, and have a large stockpile of wolf meat and venison, with a reasonable supply of firewood, but I'm worried about the wear on my hunting knife and hatchet, and I'm down to 2 bullets, so it's gonna be fun.

Don't shoot more than you need! If you've got some venison/ wolf meat stored, don't go out hunting until you're running low. That way you won't have to worry about the meat degrading too much in the mean time.

Also, you can repair the knife and or hatchet with fir wood and scrap metal.

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Aha, een andere nederlander!

Yeah, I've been trying to be conservative with my ammunition, but I keep being jumped by wolves everytime I venture outside the Camp Office. I've had to kill 5 wolves that try to ambush me exiting the cabin, hence my vast reserves of food. I have no idea what is attracting them. I'm considering shifting my base of operations to the Logging camp if these wolves don't let up.

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Inderdaad :D

Sounds you've had the bad luck of having a wolf spawn near the CO. I would definitely relocate, but don't think the logging camp makes a good base. It doesn't have any stoves! So you'd need to go outside to melt snow, boil water or cook meat. The only place I'd consider for a base besides the CO would be trappers homestead. It may be more out of the way, but it's got everything you need including a backpack outside for storing meat.

Apparently in my current run, wolves don't spawn anywhere near the CO. I've spotted one on the lake once early in the run, but haven't seen it since. Haven't seen one at the derailment either, but at the tunnel collapse one spawns often. Haven't had that happen before either.

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