[SPOILERS] Prepper's Cache


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So the small community on the steam community board that was looking for the caches recently finished their struggle to find all secret spawn sites. And for those that care to know all current locations of the hatch, I made a short video where I run to all of them.

For those that would like to discover them on their own, stay away from that video (aka, spoilers)

[bBvideo 560,340:38rp292i]

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Had to share this....

I was near the lookout area...very high up on a hill...and with not much hope. I jumped down into an area thinking it would bring me near the lake area.....only, to find myself falling...and falling (for the longest time)...,past the trees I was near.....past the mountains....falling for the longest time...and then that map appeared...and it kept getting smaller and smaller (because, it seemed, that I was rising into the sky...if this makes any sense)....until it disappeared and a yellow square with a pinkish surrounding appeared ... and there I stayed...not being able to escape it. I could eat and drink...but I could not sleep...nor get back to the place where I fell from. In The Long Dark....I fell out of the world...and there was nothing I could do...but start over.

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I'm glad you mentioned that Trandor (pressing F8).

When I press F8 nothing happens...but if I press F12 - a screenshot is saved to my desktop. Maybe my settings are different (will have to check) as far as the debug setting goes....but anyways...

yeah...at the time I was caught completely off guard - and, to be honest, was mesmerized by what I was seeing. Afterwards - I kicked myself for not getting the screenshots. Next time (if there is a next time) ... I will be pressing the F12 key as many times a possible - like crazy - lols. And I will share them.

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