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Hello community,

We've just released a Hotfix to FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER, bringing the game to v.426 and addressing a variety of issues, outlined below.




* Fixed rare crash when bullet raycast hit an object
* Fixed rare crash when clicking rapidly when throwing a Torch or Flare
* Fixed rare crash when examining inventory items


* Add Bandage to starting player items in Hunted
* Updated icons for Old Man's Beard items (harvestable item and crafted Treatment)
* Added translations for all remaining non-localized strings from 424 launch


* Fixed issue with not being able to dismiss save failure popup using gamepad
* Fixed issue with saved Journals not showing written notes, skills or collectibles.
* Fixed issue with resolutions passed from command line not being used. This fixes issue with game not running multiscreen for some players.
* Fixed issue with not being able to rebind key when mouse hovered over input field
* Fixed issue with some UI actions not being possible when using a Steam Controller
* Fixed issue with all Experience Mode icons being highlighted on death screen stats
* Fixed issue with First Aid UI not updating if affliction list changes while screen is active
* Fixed issue with Hypothermia and Frostbite Risk percentages not showing up on icons
* Fixed issue where female survivor slot could be used when male survivor slot was highlighted
* Fixed issue with Hunger/Thirst arrows sometimes pointing wrong direction
* Fixed issue with mouse pointer flickering on screen when opening a can in Fire UI
* Fixed issue with TOD indicator not showing up in Status UI
* Fixed issue with TOD indicator shifting turing Harvesting
* Fixed issue with background blur disappearing in Harvest UI when aborting a harvest
* Fixed issue with camera switching when pushing LS on gamepad when in Quartering UI
* Fixed issue with non-functional Harvest option showing up when on Quartering UI
* Fixed issue with hand sometimes not syncing correctly with lantern in first person
* Fixed issue with some trees having incorrect lighting (most noticeable at night)
* Fixed issue with gamepad navigation on Clothing UI
* Fixed issue with Quit button on death screen having dark text
* Fixed issue with encumbered icon overlapping full screen UI
* Fixed issue with scroll audio playing unnecessarily on Clothing and Crafting UI
* Fixed issue with Lantern sometimes not equipping after leaving a UI screen
* Use LT/RT instead of LB/RB for top level navigation in Fire UI


Thank you for reading. If you find additional bugs while playing, please report them in our Public Bug Database at:

- The Hinterland Team

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Fixed issue with written journals not appearing in saved journals?

So you're telling me that this was just a bug and I went on a big long rant about it in the playtest feedback page?

I'll be deleting that now. thanks for the quick fix, you guys are awesome! :)

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