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I really like this latest build. I have activated "carpal tunnel prevention mode" when you get down to it, we still click too much even with this mode but at least is it better than it was in the test builds. I'm squarely looking at harvesting cattails stalks and heads as too much clicking, but overall I feel the build is the best yet.

Yes the menu is different and not as efficient, but you can hotkey sufficiently to get around that. It also feels more cohesive and will serve Hinterland well when they expand the game with new seasons. I do like the grid size for items, and the detailed information in them. I can live without the ability to mess around deciding how I'm going to open a can of soup and I think I will like the mapping aspect of the game once I get more into it. I have also enjoyed the increased difficulty in interloper, where it makes sense. Seems being outside gets you dead faster if you aren't properly dressed, but being able to get rabbits going from day one is a huge game changer in terms of keeping you alive and doesn't leave you feeling so hopeless if you miss a survival corner. The whole quartering aspect is also awesome. It gives you tons more to do do indoors to pass the time on the sundial as it is, which is a huge game-play hole that finally feels fixed. I hope this doesn't trigger cabin fever too much but at least you can be outdoors and have more survival effected. Once primitive firemaking makes it into the game, hint "ASAP Please" then we will have a complete survival game. 

We should all be excited for the coming launch and I personally am very excited after waiting for years for the polished game. 

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