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So far its a very solid alpha build, a few points I will mention. please do not take this negatively, I absolutely love this game so far.


calories need to burn alot less when indoors, it doesn't take alot of calories to boil some water, or cook some food, or sit down and harvest some cloth,leather, or sew, so long as its not too cold inside. Calories during sleep is vastly taxing on the body, I understand things are being adjusted for game play purposes but if one is sleeping in a cabin at a nice 30 degrees with clothes on and inside of a bed with a blanket, even sleeping for 12 hours is not going to have someone waking up starving to death and dying of thirst. Overall it just seems very out of balance, sometimes I will spend quite alot of time just drinking and eating and then sleeping then drinking and eating some more just so I can walk around for a half hour without having to worry.

Foraging for wood

this needs to be far more plentiful both indoors and outdoors, I can understand keeping reduced chances during whiteout,blizzards and night time. But being stuck in the Canadian wilderness I dont think you could go 6 feet without finding branches and logs and fallen trees. Additionally if you're indoors i cannot see you not finding a ton of wood with all of these desks, chairs, spare beds, drawers, etc around, with reclaimed wood not being as effective it should at least be more bountiful and it shouldn't require as many calories as it does to do all of this.


where are all the traps in this game? I fully expected a smorgasbord of them when I found the trappers house but just a rifle? additionally Trappers tend to use snowmobiles as their trap routes can span for miles. I can understand if you dont want to have moving vehicles in the game, but some abandoned ones with Gas in them to siphon could be quite helpful, additionally you could get scrap metal and some cloth/leather material from them.


I understand the wolf in the dam is for a good scare, but in reality how the heck does this thing stay in there and survive? does he have a hidden supply of pork and beans with a immortal can opener? I feel its a cheap trick for those who are unaware of fluffys habits in that, if you want to 'guard' the dam why not just keep a wolfs den nearby the path towards it?

New Modes?

I know you want sandbox to be a finite survival concept meaning we all eventually die, but couldn't there be some aspect of supply re spawning even if it its stretched out maybe every ten days or so? if the reason for this is because of the leader boards, then just make a different mode of infinite survival so we can just keep on playing and not have to start over. I know its also been brought up before but Co-op would be amazing in this game.


Can a person not just use simply a sharp rock nearby or a branch and break off some frozen chunks of deer? if anything allow this ability when one does not have a tool, with a chance that they will get a small percentage of food with the chance of possibly destroying the rest of the meat, it will be for those moments one is truly desperate and has no other options. Speaking of scavenging, I dare bring up the issue of cannibalism? or what about using the corpse as bait to lure wolves?

Wind and its effect on the environment

I continue to see deer and wolves just going about their normal business in blizzards and strong winds, one would assume that wolves and deer and other animals would head for cover just as I would have to during these tough times. Additionally I keep seeing wind go through rocks and mountain areas, if I wish to get out of the wind to make a fire and survive it makes sense for my environment to be able to protect me, I dont know if this is a glitch or not but its frustrating that if it were reality being surrounded by rocks and trees would greatly reduce the wind by me.

a few more notes:


please add more of it to the game, but I do think the general music you most often hear while walking outside would be great, I would love to hear something like this I know 'the grey' has been brought up quite a few times here in the forums, and the music from that film would be a great inspirational point for more music in the game, I already get the sense of that 'cold foreboding moment' when you come across your first corpse and that eerie music plays for a moment.

Less talking or more variety?

there are many moments when back to back I hear my character say they're cold, they're hungry, they're tired, I understand this, and truly, I sympathize with them lol but it doesn't need to be said every 3 minutes. That being said, if you wish to keep the characters chatty, my suggestion would be that they comment more on the environments around them, or if they seem something of interest, they dont seem to do that much at all.

I may add more to this later on, but off the top of my head, these are my current thoughts of the game.

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