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Ok the last updates effectivelly ruined my whole gameplay and i will probably not play anymore until youll fix it because it pisses me off.

Yes its more beautiful, but its less ready for publish than ever before in last 2 years.

Most important things:

  • The wolves are like some focking SWAT unit, its not fauna anymore, they camps at strategic places and are SO unrealisticaly agressive, i have to play it like some corridor action arcade game
  • Time is too quick to have fun with it, i literaly see light "sunsetting" before my eyes, WTF??????

(i dont care about UI change, cuz this is not really issue for me, i can play without problems with this new UI)

In general its like with other games that are going to be released, its like authors would consultate some major companies marketing experts and ask them what to change to get major public in - Its always the same - TURN IT TO FOCKING ARCADE!!!!

Sorry, but i really hate it, it was soo awesome survival sim before about a year ago....

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17 hours ago, AerysTarga said:

Hello, I have again contacted the support by mail by mentioning my posts here. Tomorrow the story mode begins and my game profile remains desperately empty.

We're doing our best to respond to all issues, and that includes the support team as well. I will follow up with them and see if there is anything, still, to be done. Thank you. 

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@Mel Guille no but I thank Patrick and the support team for trying to help me. Otherwise I will have more than to start all over again if nobody can "transform" my player profile into a complete profile as before. I'm not the only one who has suffered this bug since the v.423, on steam of the players speak about it and on the bug repport I saw it. So the support works there necessarily.

Otherwise beautiful video, sublime. Https:// Inevitably realized with great passion.

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