Randomly timed corpses


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As it stands now, all the corpses a spawned in on Day 1 Minute 1 and nothing changes. They will be there until day 100 if you live that long.

I would like to see corpses spawned in initially in fewer numbers (maybe 3 or 4, whatever feels right), gradually disappear over several days and then have 2 or 3 new corpses spawn in on to replace the old ones, but in different locations.

The idea would be you wouldn't be tripping over corpses every couple hundred feet all the time. Next, it would simulate the original corpses getting dragged off or eaten by the wildlife or buried completely in the snow. The new corpses that would randomly spawn in would represent other survivors who were also in the area and didn't make it.

This would add a little more realism to the environment. It would also be a source of possible desperation loot and organically cause people to be rewarded for exploring rather than holing up.

Day 50, need supplies badly...time to do a search for some freshly dead Canucks!


I talk about this specifically in my Let's Play Life 10 Episode 1 if you want to hear me try to describe it better...

[bBvideo 560,340:u83muj9v]
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This is a really great idea. Beyond enhancing immersion, it will keep help keep players on their toes (and give an incentive/reward to revisiting previously explored areas).

I'm totally agree with Accurize, as we already chat about this. It would be nice. Maybe the rifle could spawn beside one of that random dead dude. It would make it more unpredictable to find it, and it's pretty life-like. (Again, talking against myself :) )

"incentive/reward to revisiting previously explored areas" - I'm begging for it! Please, give me more reason to leave the shelter every day, if the weather is fine. That's all I need. Okay, and maybe a bit harder wolfs and some nice solution for item degradation. :lol:

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