#219 Item sometimes goes straight into the inventory (v.137)


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I have noticed that sometimes when I pick up an item, its picture doesn't open, but the item goes straight into the inventory. For example, I had two jerry cans on the floor and I wanted to check their contents. Picked up the first one and saw the picture and info, picked up the other one and it went straight into the inventory. I'm sure I did not double-click (and even if you double-click, the picture flashes on the screen very briefly). Then I put both cans back on the floor and picked them up again. This time the picture and info was shown for both.

This happens randomly on all kinds of items and in various situations, so I have not been able to find any logic behind it. It's just random.

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Isn't it happening when you pick up a certain item type for the first time in a game?

I had carried those jerry cans to the Camp Office, so I wasn't picking them up for the first time. It is totally random as I can be picking up reclaimed wood and first piece shows the info, second doesn't and then third does.

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