Worsening Intermittent Lag Spikes/Micro-Stutters, Only Happens In The Long Dark, Would Appreciate Some Suggestions for Troubleshooting

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Hey Folks, 

Really stuck on this one, I've been having this issue with the Long Dark and it's come to the point of being unplayable, I've tried quite a bit to solve this myself, including reinstalling the operating system, to no avail. I would appreciate some help/input diagnosing and fixing the problem. 

I get intermittent lag spikes every 20-60 seconds where fps drops by 30-40 frames for short bursts that last 0.5-1 second. It started about a week ago and they've been becoming progressively more frequent and longer. I don't believe I have done anything out of the ordinary to start this since last week, the installed game version has been at V.393 for months. 

Overall the FPS on my system in the long dark is very sporadic, I can only get consistent 60+ fps on the lowest settings, even then I can get anywhere from 40-120 fps outside. This is strange since  the system I have can run Skyrim on High/Ultra at a steady 60 fps. I can confirm that these recent lag spikes only happen in The Long Dark, tested other 3D games - Skyrim and Kerbal Space Program and they run fine. 

Here's what I've tried so far to resolve this issue, I'll be adding in what other users suggest as well in edits:

* Reinstalled the Game
* Defragmented the hard drive
* Updated all graphics drivers
* Reset my operating system with a clean install
* Ran Latencymon, nothing out of the ordinary.
* Ran Malware Scans using Malwarebytes and HitmanPro, nothing malicious
* Monitored Loads using Task Manager's Resource Monitor, CPU loads don't seem to go above 60%. 
* Monitored GPU/CPU temperatures, can get quite hot up to a maximum of 84C, but no thermal throttling.
* Reinstalled everything into a new ssd, no change in game fps and issue still present.
* Ran the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic tool for the RAM, no memory problems found and issue still present.

* Edit: Verified integrity of game files, all is normal
* Edit: Ran the game in DX9 mode, no changes.

None of these have resolved the issue.

Here is my system:
* Lenovo y410p notebook
* Windows 10 Home 64 bit
* Intel Core I7-4700 2.4Ghz (8 CPUS)
* NVIDIA Geforce GT 755M
* 500GB SSD)
* Direct X12

Love the game and would really appreciate some help diagnosing/solving this!

Sadly, trying things out in the test build seems to have decreased the performance on my system on top of the intermittent lag issue still being present :(. With everything set to the lowest quality setting it goes, I am now averaging 35-45 fps outdoors. Though I can quit and start up Skyrim on ultra settings and get a steady 60 fps, very odd.

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Usually you can only find out yourself. Personally I cannot help you, I've got something rather standard (a PC with GTX-970 and i7 Sandybridge). To me, 40 FPS is where I accept framerates, if it's not an extremely fast game as for the movement.

In the NVidia Ecosystem, people usually start tweaking and tinkering in NVidia Control panel, or, more deeper, in NVidia Inspector, maybe you find something there. There are some interesting settings, i.e. "# of prerendered frames" comes to mind. But I am not an expert here. You typically have a general template and derive per-game settings from there.

I don't know how deep Win10 task manager goes (I think it fails @ timeline and finding exact processes), as for FPS low spikes I'd typically monitor via sysinternals Process Monitor. You would easily see anomalies happening on the CPU/GPU/RAM/IO front and it helps hunting the processes down which are causing it...

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I have fiddled around with the Nvidia Control Panel quite a bit, but you gave me some ideas for some new things to try. I haven't even heard of the "Nvidia Inspector" I'll definitely see what I can do with that today, thanks! 

Weirdly enough, the new faithful cartographer update has really hurt the performance on my new system, on top of the issue of intermittent lag still being present, now I see that I am averaging less than 30 fps is certain areas. After putting 400+ hours into the game and trying so many different things to try to fix this... I really hope the more technical-savy players or hinterland associates here can give the advice I need to fix the issue.

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17 hours ago, ShieldHeart said:

I really hope the more technical-savy players or hinterland associates here can give the advice I need to fix the issue.

@Support, are you able to shed any light on this, please?

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