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I'm really sorry if this is already covered somewhere, but I'd really like to know if Hinterland has it's own studio somewhere.

Do you have your own office somewhere or does everyone work individually from home? And how does that work practically?

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Guest emily_hinterland

Hey @JetroKoro, Raph and Zac actually filmed one of our Kickstarter update videos at the studio on Vancouver Island! In case you missed it, here it is again :)

We're a distributed team, so most of us are working from our respective cities across Canada and the US. We go into it in the Risks and Challenges portion of our Kickstarter campaign page (check out point #2), and Raph has talked about it in several interviews, this story in the Globe and Mail being one of many!

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  • Hinterland

Yeah, the studio has gone through a few permutations. For most of the first 12-18 months, while I was working on the concept(s) that would eventually morph into The Long Dark, and working on the biz side of things (legal, accounting, raising money, etc.), I worked from a home office in our basement. My wife was actually the one who encouraged me to go out and get a proper studio because she figured you need a creative space to do creative work (and basements are highly overrated in this regard).

I'll take some new photos and share them here.

As Emily says, the team is distributed, but I think that the spirit and soul of Hinterland -- its physical manifestation, at least -- is based here, in Cumberland. This town and its environs (and people) have had a big influence on shaping the tone and feeling of The Long Dark.

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