Different properties for different kinds of tinder

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There's a variety of tinder in the game (tinder bundle, cat tail head, birch bark), but it doesn't really matter what material you use, since all of it seems to have the same properties.

Wouldn't it be more engaging if birch bark actually was an awesome find because it offered a decent bonus to starting a fire (kind of like how it does in real life)? That way, stopping to collect birch bark when one comes across it would actually make sense.

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Actually, I think I would second this idea.
There is a degree of this already in place - fire chance decreases if you use inferior materials (newspaper or newspaper roll, although I feel there should be a -7% fire chance for newspaper rolls, because they don't burn easily due to their density, as well as the ash choking the flame)
Tinder bundle would be your all-rounder, good for most applications with a reasonable fire chance in normal conditions.
Cat tails would be great in still conditions and indoor fires, with +2% increased fire chance for igniting cedar wood and a +5% chance of lighting sticks, but in wind would burn out too quickly, so in windy conditions, would lose 1% firechance for every 5kmph of wind.
Birch bark is very resinous, and burns with a reasonably hot flame. This is would increase the chance of lighting difficult woods (i.e fir) by +3% and give an additional +2% bonus to lighting the firelog (on top of the existing 7% boost) or cedar firewood. With sticks, it shaves perhaps 10% off the time required to light them. Also, it is more resilient to wind, allowing fire starting in slightly windier conditions than other tinders.
Consider this as an example of where it would apply:
You've gone out on an early morning hunt, the sun hasn't yet come up, and you are getting cold fast. You make your kill, quarter it and start heading back. Then, as the sun comes up, a blizzard rolls in and you need to take shelter. You try to light a fire, but the wind keeps blowing it out. Fortunately, you have a piece of birch bark which allows you to light a fire in higher wind speeds. Because of that fractionally better firechance, you don't freeze to death, and live to hunt another day.

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