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Hey dudes, here's a (Mac / PC) game I've been working on the past month or 2. Ive poured just about all I have left of myself into this in the past couple months, and am really proud of the results so far. Would love to get any feedback as I move into the next / final stages of development!

YouTube Teaser Trailer


Thanks for checking if you have the time!

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I gave the game a few play throughs and here are my thoughts.

Let me first say the art style is great, really loved it.

I find the fact that the mechanics aren’t super obvious a bit of a double edged sword. Its really cool to discover how things work but if that process of discovery takes a lot of time it can be frustrating. I am not sure if there are enough clues to figure out some of the mechanics eg I couldn't figure out if the planets heart growing then losing saturation with too many plants effected anything.

Also on my first play I made a plant then tended to it then wasn't sure what was next. I think there needs to be clearer indication that the plant is going to grow. Maybe some spidey senses to show growth Ex: {(Plant)}

Hope the feedback helps

As someone who lives in Cumberland if you bump into Raph don't be too intimated by his epic beard! :P

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RollingCarey, thanks so much for checking the game out and even more for the awesome feedback! You have given me some things to think about and thats all I could have asked for! I will try to make some of these things a bit clearer for the player. :D Many many many thanks & looking forward to running into that beard one day, haha!

Wait, not literally *into* it... but .... nevermind.

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