#222 Loud ringing sound, Lookout Tower?


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Every time i enter the forestry lookout tower door i get this RRRRIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... Anyone that has had a ringing in the ears knows what i mean, does it every time. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug, if its supposed to happen whats the intent???

First time i thought it i thought now what i do to get a ringing in the ears, but wasnt me... Left for a treck down to the logging camp to hunt and came back and again i entered the door and RRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG....

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Somebody already mentioned this somewhere, but I'm not sure if there's a bug report. When you enter the Forestry Lookout, you hear a sound that is like ringing in your ears. You can hear it at 5:05 in the video.

[bBvideo 560,340:24l96fwq]

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