Yet Another Scary Death


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PHEW! This was a harsh landing.

I looked around searching for the plane's wreck. No wreck? Oh man, what's wrong with me! I've catapulted!

The first emotions I felt was surprise, uncertainness, and this urgent feeling, to do something quick (thanks to the callories-meter running down). What would you do, if you woke up in the middle of nowhere in -14 C? I'd obviously look for a shelter, so I don't get cold. So let's go!

Three steps ahead and.. It can't be a WOLF, can it? 30 seconds in-game and a wild wolf appears!? Seriously... I run trough my options. No weapons. I'll gently go behind this rock, then... He gets closer... am I a dead meat, now?

(Holy Mary, Mother of God....)

Hah! He ignored me! Tadaaaammm! Wilderness - 0, Doniczkov - 1.

Now I felt like it's a good time to check out the map.

Well, we surely have a compass then...


Hm, what to do next...? Let's get on a high hill to check out the surroundings! [pro tip no. 6]

Whoah, a little hut! A corpse... gross. May God have mercy on Your pour soul... Now gimme that chocolate bar!

Hooh, what big-ass sign with an arrow pointing to the top. It's like saying - this way to the witch's house! I'm so hungry she'll never put me in this pot, tho.

My mind was sinusoidally changing from "I'll be dead any sec now"* to "I'm Bear Grylls' son"**, surely due to the lack of knowledge on game's mechanic. F.e., when I found the hatchet and some meat, I thought I'll be good. What a surprise it was to wake up few hours later and realize I'm hungry as hell and my hatchet is decent in 20%.

Then I visited Clearing Cut, got to the railway, followed the railway...

Found this marvelouss, and I mean MARVELOUSS house by the LAKE. It's great. I just didn't like my hommie. Kinda creepy guy.

I scavaged everything around and had pretty much of everything, when I decided to go fo-- Wait is that a BRIDGE? No w-- and a DAM! I feel that must be a crucial location, propably it unlocks some new fea-- HOHO It's dark in here, maybe I should light the la-- OH cabinets, what's here, a painkill...

2:07 PM Wolf attack!

2:07 PM Experiencing significant blood loss.

2:07 PM At risk for infected wound.

2:08 PM Killed a Wolf

2:08 PM You died from loss of blood and shock from a wolf attack

I'd bet on shock more, really. I checked every building up to this point.

I...I just... I just thought we don't go for this "monsters in the buildings" cliche!!

* I thought you die when calories-meter gets to 0. What was my relief, when I saw -150 and down, down it goes :mrgreen:

** Hah, a dead deer! I'll just grab some mea... MAN, seriously..??


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