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So one shortcoming i am finding after being on a long run, 33 days now, is that when the tinder is gone despite being able to gather wood and having some logs you can't make a fire... Huh??????

If i have wood and accelerant and especially a stove in a building there should be no reason why i can't get a fire going, i do it in real life without tinder plugs and newspaper!!

I think tinder should be a gatherable resource by other means. Pull the bark off a tree, gather all the small fibers and make some tinder, or if you have accelerant and a stove then tinder should not be required but its optional for a faster fire start, etc.

I also have 20 cloth from harvesting worn out clothing, cloth would be useful as tinder as well, but there is no option to use a piece of cloth to start a fire. Small pieces of cloth soaked in accelerant would be a viable tinder, as would being able to use a bit of the lantern kerosene and a match. There is just so many fire starting options that to limit to having newspaper and tinder plugs or no fire at all is a bit over excessive. In a survival situation if i need a fire i'm gonna use whatever i can.

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i agree, more options for tender is need. i like the idea of being able to target what you are foraging for. but yes i think cloth/accelerant/wood shavings or idk if you could possibly use the cat-tails around the bodies of water....maybe even animal fur??? lol

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