No Cache aka Bunker, is that possible??


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Is it possible that its not even on the map for a specific spawn? I'm starting to think so.

I have been using the debug hud and writing down coordinates of every little detail of the map as my own personal navigation. I don't consider it cheating, the guy is supposed to be a bush pilot right? Stands to reason he would have had at least a compass and some paper and a pencil in the plane. So i'm just charting my expeditions.

Anyway, using the debug hud i have done a systematic map search, from border to border small sections at a time. One day alone i traveled 4.97 miles according to the log and that was hard travel over the hills. Each night i would make a campfire and sleep it out in my bedroll unless the stopping point was lucky enough to be near a building to seek shelter. Nearly froze to death a few times but daylight and no storm saved me. At one point i got caught in a storm, complete whiteout, and navigated by the coordinates alone to get to the logging camp, had to wait in one of the trailers for about 10 hours for the storm to die then back to the searching.

Giving up on ever seeing it at this point. I have checked each location that someone put up on the forums, YouTube, you name it. And each time i get there its just snow where the hatch should be.

Guess i will just let him die and wait for some more updates. I have been playing the last eight game days just to search for the cache/bunker. Nothing left to do, all resources except animals are gone, down to the last bit of tinder for fires. Thats another thing, i think there should be another way to create tinder and or fires. If i have accelerant and wood and matches there is no reason i shouldnt have fire. Especially in a stove in a building with no other variables such as wind.

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the 6th location has just been found, so presumably we now have all locations that are possible. so i will be able to tell you the odds of there being a bunker then. if you care to know the locations though, i can hand them to you right now (with debug). i made 12 runs today where I went looking for the bunker on 4 locations, and found 4 bunkers during that time. So I would assume odds are at least 50%

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I already know the six locations, but have gotten word of a possible 7th today!!

A friend of mine found one and from his description it doesn't match the other known locations. He is going to get me the debug coordinates so i can go to that location myself if its not already one on the list.

SPOILER ALERT... Don't read on in this post if you don't want to see the locations.

1. From the camp office cross the tracks, follow the rocks to the left until you can circle around the end of them then go up the hill, the hatch is next to the rocks. 757/462

2. At the unnamed pond from the steps side of the deer stand walk straight and up the hill a bit. -41/606

3. From the sign at the base of the hill for the forestry lookout head towards the left edge of the clearcut area, look for the valley going up with a fallen tree, go all the way up to the top and follow the rocks to the right until you see it, you have to go up over the ridge and then its down at the base of the rocks. -46/1615

4. From the train loading area go up the logging road to the first area of cut trees on the right, turn right go up the hill and its up there along the rocks. 1312/1562

5. From the Camp Office head down onto Lake Mystery and head for the left side until you come to the river that is the Southern River Access, go up the hill to the right at the southern access point and go all the way up to the top of that hill, it overlooks the farthest fishing shack and is near the cliff at the top. 1635/637

6. From the train loading area turn right to go towards the river, down hill slope to the river, as you near the rivers edge the hill to your right ends in a large rock, turn right walk past that rock and go up the small valley to the right, go up the opposite hill there is rocks at the top and the bunker hatch is there overlooking the train loading area. 1309/1039

Those are the six known ones that i know of, the seventh is yet to be determined if it exists.

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