I managed to get into the title screen by mistake


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I don't even want to think of how long it is going to take to upload all of these...

Anyways, the first time it happened, I just finished playing in a different save file. So I decided to load up one that I just played the other day, I left myself in Pleasant Valley's Radio control tower hut. I spawned in timberwolf mountain almost a in game month earlier (in game month) on voyager. But when I clicked "load" The loading screen was so short I was startled, and I was put into a little area  with some floating object including a hunting rife, a book, a box of ammo and a single cartage, as well as a lamp and a tinder plug I believe. I took screenshots of them below. I could interact with these objects as normal, it seemed, but my screen was blurred out as if I had paused the game. A quick pause/unpause fixed it and I could see clearly. I tried reloading the game but to no avail. So I decided to run around some and I realized that I was in the title screen. I still had all of my gear with me too. My clothes would slowly get wet. I could interact with things like branches, the backpack, and the door just fine it seemed, but It was a blizzard outside. By the time it subsided it was getting dark, but it didn't seem to matter because none of my stats were going down. I had lost no calories, warmth, thirst, etc. So I explored a bit, and got unnerved when I felt I was getting lost and stuck close to the cabin (Yeah, this game has created instincts in me that I follow) So I decided to go through the door at some point and I ended up in Pleasant Valley, at what I think was a spawn point near the decrepit cabins, at that point I lost all of my gear. I decided to leave the game and go back to the title screen, then tried to load the save back up and found myself back in the playable title screen. I stuck around for much longer this time, even making a fire. I noticed that some sounds didn't work, such as wolf walking, walking, the wind sometimes wouldn't work and some other things. I noticed that I actually had my rifle out but couldn't see or shoot it. There were three wolves, two of which I had struggles with and killed, could harvest their guts and such, and one that would run away from me before I could kill it. The wolf would still run around as if I won the struggle, but at about the time when it should have died it continued to act like normal again. It usually wouldn't let me get close enough to struggle with it at all through. Noticeably, I could still get status afflictions, such as frostbite, and lost condition to the wolves. One other thing I noticed was that the trees would change angles slightly as I moved.

screen_(-32, 8, 16)_d80d833a-f98d-4761-b7b2-b6ba7790ec92.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_be383a51-4439-4e1a-9044-a9c6b8549705.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_a7f92331-39b9-4cbd-900a-db9d0646d668.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_991086dd-8819-44df-9002-63e0be3c41f6.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_7537e803-ae31-49bf-b468-1abf8981874e.png


screen_(-2, 1, 3)_4ec887b0-be75-4145-9f92-ae758208c0ae.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_4eecd11e-b141-42dc-ab4e-94aced4b5c65.png

screen_(-20, 1, -12)_64fe5247-0fe2-4594-80b2-a87944bdc8c4.png

screen_(-5, 1, 3)_f07bc33a-e6cc-4622-93e0-590028bf4eae.png

screen_(-78, 11, 43)_b016a62f-f9a1-447b-a20e-8e4c323c5c60.png

screen_(100, 2, 44)_4034dbd0-c68e-4d5d-808a-a11eac457a05.png

screen_(101, 2, 43)_f3c2be36-92f0-4738-a4ca-551ba1f3b43b.png

screen_(102, 1, 80)_63c749c6-11df-49b5-83fd-65338fec048b.png

screen_(102, 2, 42)_20a426b0-27fa-4cfc-a380-55ec848ca0f1.png

screen_(102, 2, 42)_55fbf877-d71e-4960-a807-0959bac0afd8.png

screen_(103, 2, 43)_4534fd0a-5dff-4db9-b98f-d7fe536459c7.png

screen_(106, 5, 3)_408bf0bc-632a-4195-a06b-4cf2ddc31528.png

screen_(107, 1, 40)_c330f3b8-a790-4732-9258-6b0b0ef02c79.png

screen_(115, 5, -15)_3b8444b5-af95-4d79-b86a-e5ef20f53e84.png

screen_(115, 5, -15)_6e9a8e91-1beb-46f1-93c1-6998d95095a4.png

screen_(115, 5, -15)_f35cdf0b-6e13-40cc-8170-9ad09e72e2c7.png

screen_(116, 0, 31)_ffe99a15-5d33-4d66-aba8-ee8c43e44c28.png

screen_(131, 2, -1)_0164a0c3-6243-4b0e-bbd1-560da4dca24a.png

screen_(131, 2, -1)_9f2f3482-94d3-441c-b58b-ebceedc143d5.png

screen_(131, 2, -1)_f04211bc-c486-43dc-b2d5-cbd878c3e887.png

screen_(14, 18, 94)_a0cd2ceb-b5b0-4b25-aec3-57719c546baa.png

screen_(2, 1, 3)_b0a62c66-c099-4981-9d3e-e711d5a0419d.png

screen_(23, 6, 45)_586d56dc-deca-4526-a3fb-9e6f612afa73.png

screen_(23, 7, 38)_0bdfff14-17b9-40ac-8416-ecaa9d0b2fe1.png

screen_(27, 5, 39)_1606cb64-f379-459d-a84b-605b014a1d5c.png

screen_(3, 1, 3)_57896ab2-b0ad-4083-9916-2e054d624bd4.png

screen_(36, 4, 55)_6b105ef4-6e2e-47bc-89a2-f5b95a9194ae.png

screen_(37, 11, 111)_be77782a-e1ad-4f26-83d4-33664707f6b6.png

screen_(39, 12, 113)_9a5a3f37-7843-45c6-96a6-9c05b3f8749e.png

screen_(5, 1, 3)_3a99cbcb-b899-41bd-8503-a857619aa741.png

screen_(57, 7, 119)_b30b932c-e852-4295-99c8-2d990ebc3672.png

screen_(60, 5, 89)_33c294db-514b-457f-aa3b-991db64ae010.png

screen_(60, 5, 89)_aa93509d-363f-4a48-80c1-ca5fb53fc86c.png

screen_(74, 2, 75)_f7a85aa2-0bf4-40c5-a82f-ddb2743a0bd5.png

screen_(86, 2, 46)_98de3059-954b-4d3a-9e02-5f095c53e1c8.png

screen_(89, 2, 74)_2b76c277-be57-4621-8397-21a4fde6c771.png

screen_(89, 2, 74)_4f38abdb-db4d-4ce1-aad2-d9d0da1cfd2f.png

screen_(89, 2, 74)_9d74472e-2563-4267-af34-2fcc833941f0.png

screen_(93, 7, -1)_072998d4-2255-4bc0-8524-b0c430d08da1.png

screen_(93, 7, -1)_c97536b5-5d46-4e98-825f-860b3c809d78.png

screen_(98, 7, -1)_651affac-3a10-4de7-a704-3fe683a1c977.png

screen_(99, 2, 45)_1d27ef3d-7121-4dbe-b512-e783ee6405ff.png

screen_(99, 2, 45)_36bd5f68-18ad-4468-b43c-204fa30411bc.png

screen_(99, 2, 45)_a63db0fe-3ec3-4881-81cc-2e662cb497f1.png



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