Concern about the new incoming update and 1.0


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I have some concerns about the updates.

1. Any graphical differences between PS4 vs PC/Xbone?

2. Will aurora be available to sandbox mode too?

3. Are the wildlife (Wolves vs bears), wolf pack, etc a no-go?

4. Will all planned features (Roadmap) be scrapped? I am confused.

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I can't answer anything of these being completely in the dark myself, but I'm pretty certain the roadmap has always been more of a "this is what we'd like to look into doing and when we think it might be possible" and less of a definate plan.  So I suspect the roadmap may stay pinned to their wall.  Sort of like my aspiration to own a convertable and go to China - haven't done that yet, but my newest car has a moonroof and I visited Italy.  

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