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Kind of early to talk about expansion packs but the reason I bring it up is that there seems to be several types who like the game for different reasons. There are those who like the brutal, bare survival aspect, and those who enjoy the collecting, crafting, and hunting more. There are just too many cool ideas that don't fit perfectly with the theme of bare survival. What would be ideal for me is if there were an expansion that introduced elements of homesteading and subsistence living and focuses more on long term self-sustainability, skill-building, and crafting.

I'd like to see many, many more craftable items, including costly ones that can be crafted as components of a home base and take considerable effort to collect the supplies for. For more advanced ones, I'm thinking root cellars for prolonging food storage, a stone fireplace, large dead fall pits for bears, a small trapping cabin, a primitive solar water heater, bedding made from goose down, a sweat lodge/sauna, a greenhouse, an anvil made from railroad track, a bellows, a rainwater collection system, a canoe, maybe a cider press. Moderate ones could be sleds, beehives, a rabbit or dove hutch, a garden fence, a fish trap, Hide drying racks, chairs, hammocks, tents.

I'd like elements like Basic gardening, bee keeping, candle making, canning, making maple syrup, cider-making, expanded forging for farm tools, and raising small livestock that could initially be trapped live, like rabbits and doves, maybe geese. Lots of new skill sets and lots of new books to find and read.

There could be a second story mode to go with it that would focus on building the skills you need and finding the perfect spot and all the materials you need to build a real home base.

If that went well, there could be a followup expansion or standalone game where you progress to the third stage of actually building a village of survivors, and the crafting dynamics get even more elaborate. Forging could be greatly expanded with new craftables and higher skill caps. The focus could switch from gardening to small scale farming, and building options could expand. At great expense you could build a sawmill or flour mill on a river, defensive perimeter walls, etc.

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This sounds like exactly the type of thing which could be implemented by a robust modding community. It reminds me of what the Colonial Charter mod did for the game Banished. The community there more than doubled the size and complexity of the game, building off of the mechanics and aesthetics established by the creator. Once Hinterland implements seasons, I really hope they open the game up to modding so that this type of thing could become a reality.

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