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Hi there!

This is my first post, so it's possible that what I'll be saying has been said in other threads, and I'm sorry if this is the case.

First I just want to say that, from memory, I have never sunk as many hours in any game before The Long Dark, let along in a Sandbox, which is not a genre I usually am fond of.

But what you guys did is truly something special, and I find it insane that I get so much enjoyment from a pre-alpha release.

I can safely say that I very rarely played something as uniquely engrossing and addidctive as The Long Dark and I can't wait to see what the story mode will add to a game that is already that satisfying in sandbox mode.

I am now a 100+ day of my voyager sandbox, and plan to finish of my journey on the summit and maybe jump to my demise when this is done, as some kind of poetic closure when I'll have seen everything there is to see, but that's another story.

So here are a couple of remarks about my experience.

1- There is some graphical glitch at the top of some of the long grass when getting close to it, I'll post a screen cap once I see it again, but it looks like some particles stuck over the top of said grass.

2- I find it weird that the wild can't attack me when I'm on a porch or in a snow shelter, even if a wolf sees me and runs in my direction, it will stop dead in it's tracks if I'm in either one of these artificial barrier.

3- I also find it weird that I can use the bow in the snow shelter, but not while crouching outside of it.

4- When I keep meat outside, raw or cooked, it stays preserved for a long time, but I find it weird to be able to eat a cooked piece without having to heat it first. I also find it weird that a piece of raw meat will not invite wolves, or birds at its location. I would have assumed that leaving raw meat outside for a long time, it would eventually all get eaten away by wild animals. But then, maybe it's just a "Voyager" thing, I did not try the higher difficulties yet.

5- Sometime I get a sprained wrist while walking on a flat surface. A sprained ankle, I can understand, but a sprain wrist seems a little silly.

6- Finally, it happened to me once to enter a snow shelter but that the change of POV did not work. I still saw around as if I was standing outside, but by looking around I still got the promp to exit the snow shelter. It only happened once though, but I'll let you know if it happens again.

In any case, congratulation for this fantastic game, and keep up the good work! If I could buy the game again once the story mode is out I would!

Luc Desjardins, Montreal


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 For what it's worth, I also see the grass oddity but considered it a Unity engine issue rather than something exclusive to TLD. Perhaps something to look into.

 FYI: I play at 2560x1440 on a GTX 1070 with all graphics setting to their maximum. The 'glitch' occurs across all recent and earlier drivers with the NV control panel at default settings (global) for the game.

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