Need your help finding a short story

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This is a long shot, but I have my fingers crossed.

Not too terribly long ago (within the past year or two, I'd say, though the story may have been published earlier) I read a short story of sorts about the collapse and rebuilding of the United States following some large disaster -- your standard not-too-distant-future collapse-of-society type scenario.

I remember that the descriptions of what happened were interspersed with "journal entries" from a woman as she grew up during the situation. The first entries suggest she was born right before everything happened. Eventually the woman becomes a leader of the rebuilt/reunified government.

The non-journal parts of the story included details about military forces trying to recover various regions of the U.S. and the tactics they used. I have a feeling the author had a either military or history background because the tactical details seemed quite realistic. (Unfortunately, I'm not 100% positive on these last two bits because I was reading a few articles/stories of a similar nature at the time.)

If anyone knows the story I'm talking about, I'd very much appreciate a link to it. Thanks!

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I'm going to answer my own question! I was digging through my bookmarks today looking for something, which I realize now I never found because I got distracted when instead I found a bookmark of this short story I was looking for:

If Every U.S. State Declared War Against the Others, Which Would Win?

This question originally appeared on Quora. It was taken from Quora's "hypothetical battles" topic, where readers "can ask questions and get answer on fighting that wouldn't likely or ever happen in real life."
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