Crafting Items Finishing Incorrectly


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While crafting a wolfskin coat, I ran out of daylight with 0.12 hours left (of the 44) required to make the item, causing the progress to be interrupted and stop there.  With that tiny amount of time remaining, the 4 guts and wolf pelts were already consumed and had disappeared from my inventory.  Because of this, when I attempted to finish that last ~7 minutes of crafting, it showed that I required an additional gut and pelt.  The effect of it being cut off near the end of the process resulted in me needing 5 guts and 5 pelts to craft, which took an additional 7+ days to get another pelt to cure. 

I would assume this is reproducible with any crafted item where the ingredients are gradually consumed in connection to the item's current progress, and the crafting is interrupted after the trigger for the consumption, but before the process is actually finished. 

Screenshots are attached.  I play on PC, and the other relevant info is in the screenshot.  I apologize if this is a known issue!


screen_(-3, -148, -1)_f6cfa2fb-6aa2-491f-b1e0-1ed951481988.png

screen_(-4, -149, -2)_9c799864-2224-4146-8a49-465b1495bc24.png

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@FJ!: Sadly this is a feature, not a bug :(

But there is already a similar conversation going on with skill books so I'm going to merge these two threads.

Annoying things like this make me (almost) long for the days when you could craft whatever you wanted even in the pitch dark. Then you never lost supplies :) 

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