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15 hours ago, Mel Guille said:

Well done, @tnbp! Is this your Mystery Lake game?

Yup!  I've reached a particularly safe, comfortable place in that game. 200 days was really the only goal worth pursuing, at this point. I discovered something like 90% of the explorable world.  I believe the only places that are left to be discovered for me are on the way to the peak of TWM, which I never bothered to acsend.

I have enough supplies to last easily for another 200 days or many more.

So I think the next step for me in TLD is to wait a couple more weeks for whatever this countdown is working toward and then perhaps starting another sandbox on stalker. My current run is on voyageur.  But there's not much for me to gain by continuing to play between now and the countdown finishing. 

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19 minutes ago, nicko said:

just got 500


This particular sandbox was started a long, long time ago for me; well before skills were implemented.  So the only skill I've reached level 5 in this game with is cooking.  It makes the most sense to me to not continue on to a big number like 500 and, instead, just start anew.  With the countdown looming (even if we don't fully know what it's for), I can wait a couple of weeks and start fresh and see how long I can last.  I may revisit this particular sandbox someday in the future, probably if/after they implement seasons, because I'm so well stocked.  But outside of that, it's time for a new start for me-- and I don't want to start over without waiting for the countdown to finish.

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