15 Days Later


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This was a great run, my longest. No shortcuts, no loading, just living. I've got the survival and simulation down. The only reason I fell was because I had exhausted resources of tinder, so I couldn't light a fire. No fire, no cooking, no water ... me die. Nailed the clothing, repairing and harvesting.

I touched on each of the areas on the map, save for the bunker. Still couldn't find that damn place. Around 12 days in is when I started searching exclusively for the bunker. Otherwise I would have just stayed in doors making water, cooking and foraging for wood to eternity. I would have loved to discover a pathway to a new map ...

Base of operations moved between the big lake cabin, tracker cabin and lookout. Emptied the dam when first starting so no reason to return there.

Ran out of ammo on one of my bunker expeditions near the end - had access to 2 rifles

Both hatchets failed, too quickly IMHO

In the end my girl passed of dysentery, dehydration and hypothermia. With no place to go ... what else to do?


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