Hypothermia in Forelorn Muskeg


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Been tromping around Forelorn Muskeg and sticking to the safe pathways through the marshy area means more switchbacks and directions changes than a crowded attraction at Disneyland on their busiest day...  That being said, I just decided to start crossing where it seemed safe and weak ice be damned!  I decided I was just going to continue to walk forward to see if i could make it across those expanses.  

Not such a good idea, but not nearly as bad as you would expect.  you don't get far from the shore when the "weak ice" warning pops up and one to two more steps you're in the water.  I decided to try my luck on a fairly short stretch of questionable ice.  Each time the weak ice warning popped up i continued forward, when you do fall through the screen goes black and you hear that gurgling sound, I fully expected to be completely immersed when the screen resets and you're back on "solid" ice.  I was hoping to be reset on the other side of the hole in the ice i had just created by falling through but no such luck.  So I tried it no less than 3 times to make sure, but no go.  

Having falling through 3 times now, I was wet, cold and my clothes were freezing solid... I started back tracking to the tracks with the derailed cars and as I made my way across and now desperately needing warmth and dry clothing, i was surprised to see that only my boots, socks and pants had been affected.  I kinda took that to mean that the water was shallow, so more of a nuisance rather than a deadly killer.  Fortunately the railcar with the fire barrel were nearby and I was able to get there, dry out those wet clothes and avoid any further complications like frost bite, while I warmed myself up quite nicely over the next 18 hours.  

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