Timber fall & Avalanches


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Of all the ways you can die in TLD, 

the two that seem to be missing would are being killed by falling tree limbs and branches and fresh snowfall avalanches...  would certainly make for more immersive game play.

When you listen to the audio soundtrack of a heavy wind driven snow storm in a tree filled area the persistent wind howling is broken up with the loud popping and cracking noises of tree limbs and branches breaking off and falling to the ground.  Considering all the ways the weather in TLD can kill you, it would just seem plausible that you could get clobbered by a falling branch or limb if you were so unfortunate as to be outside in the back country during a major snow storm.  Or better yet, caught in an avalanche while shooting the rifle after a snow storm at higher elevations.  I mention this because Ski Patrols routinely use explosive concussive ordinance to induce avalanches in specific areas in order to minimize future risk and recently in game play, I found myself having to use the rifle to defend myself high up on TimberWolf Mountain where there were steep cliffs surrounding me... I could just imagine that one minute where my ears are still ringing from the report of my rifle, my little sigh of relief for having got a lucky shot off killing the wolf only to be killed moments or minutes later by 10 tons of snow crashing down on my head.  So, death by avalanche?  In a game that's all about snow and cold?  Most definitely, Bob.

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