Buildings, Are They Random??


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Are the buildings random at all??

I know the bunker is random, or at least some say, i am on day 27 of a really good run since getting to the trappers homestead and being careful to shoot a dear every couple days, or a wolf (i eat them tasty bastards to), and repairing the rifle to keep it going. Nearing depletion of my ammo, but i have seen many found ammo in the bunker, but after spending five days looking for it i don't think my map has it... Or does it? I can't find it.

Anyway, back to buildings... So one of the first lives i lived in this game while i was still learning the ropes of how the games mechanics work and defeating the Eating Simulator it had become, i came across a cabin in a valley just of the frozen pond, its called Unnamed Pond according to the game. Its a small cabin with an outhouse and two dead bodies outside and one dead body in the cabin. But on my new successful run i can't find it... Period. I know i am in the same spot, i have drawn up a map using basic landmarks such as rocks and notable things like the frozen pond, deer stands, etc. But i just can't find it this time. I know i was even in the correct valley because of the layout i sketched, but no cabin.. Very odd.. I shall remain vigilant and keep looking. Its the only place i haven't looted this life, but then i know whats there usually, some jerky, an MRE under the bed, maybe a soda on the shelf, but thats about it.

That brings me to another thing.. Who builds a cabin out in the middle of nowhere and doesn't have a stove or a fireplace in it??? Nearly froze to death a few times getting caught in the lake cabins at Mystery Lake. One i had got pinned down by a white out storm and had to put a fire just outside the door, but a campfire in a blizzard don't do much! So i ended up burning half my supply of kerosene to hold the Storm Lantern all night and keep warm. Finally took three hours rest and after a total of 9 hours the storm blew over and i was able to safely get back to the Camp Office and light a proper fire.

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Ok, finally found the lone cabin again and noted it on my map i drew up.

I'm starting to think the bunker doesn't exist on my map. I have now circum navigated the entire map at least three times, i spent a few nights with the bedroll and a campfire, waiting out a storm in a hole between some rocks was an interesting day also. Made for some interesting days searching, but still no bunker. I have searched the map in a grid pattern hitting the edges of the map from side to side, i now have a really good map layout along with a bunch of screenshots i printed off and made notes on. I could see myself doing this in a real life situation if i had paper and pen.. LOL

Is there a list of known bunker locations? I realize its random but it can only be so random as the game generates it. I have watched a bunch of youtube videos and checked the places everyone else found it, nada.. I have searched from edge to edge of the map today. Thats how i found the lone cabin finally, hadn't noticed that you posted a reply on here, Thanks TarjaS! That would have definitely helped had i not already found it in my sweeping searches this morning.

Getting annoyed and kind of bored of the game now, i just want to find the bunker. I have already surpassed my personal goal to survive 30 days, i'm on day 33 now. Food is scarce, shot a deer, rifle down to 5% so its an emergency use only now, one shot and its done for. The deer population is thinning, i spotted a couple up in the hills off to one edge of the map, i might have to camp there tomorrow and see if some deer show up again on that region of the map. Otherwise i'm just about done. Sewing kits done for, clothing coming apart at the seams, boots about shot, rifle almost shot, still no bunker. Would like to find it and die in it... LOL

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I found some random stuff in a location and thought that was the preppers stash, but from what i see now on YouTube the bunker is considered the preppers stash... So i guess i haven't found that.

If i can find that damn bunker i might make 40+ days. But still no luck.

From the videos i saw on YouTube i wish the bunker, aka preppers stash, would have a location where you could make a fire. Would make a nice place to hold out until the end. I have taken in every resource on the map now, even double checked. Nothing left.

Down to foraging dead deer and shooting one every couple days. But the rifle is now near worn out, so cant do that anymore. Sigh....

Bunker oh bunker, where art thou.

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