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I seem to have developed various habits to check where I have been.   Cars I open the hood and leave it up,   in any kitchen leave the microwave door open.  This seems to save a bit of time searching  places twice.     The odd thing I always search is under the visors in cars  I do not know what I expect to find there,   possibly a map!!  Now there's a thought lol.

Anyone else do odd things? 

          Still the best game I' ve  played of this sort.

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Not really a need to leave the microwave open...when you go to a place you haven't explored there's usually a marker that says "New Location Discovered"...If you have been there before, that marker will not appear--just the name of the location


The car hoods seems like a good idea though. One idea I was toying with was using sticks (if you have any available) to leave a trail of where you have been walking. Nothing worse than going out to chop a log, then getting lost in a blizzard

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