My 10th Day Curse


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So far, my downfall in every run has been increasingly poor decisions made as soon as I'm not in immediate danger. I'm full of wanderlust in real life, and that carries over into gaming heavily. Because of this, I'm not very patient with staying in one place, even if I can get away with staying.

Twice now, I've reached Day 10. Every other run ended before the fourth day dawned.

The first day 10 run, I camped out at the Camp Office, but found myself with meat just throwing itself at me at the Trapper's Homestead. The wolf that took up residence there was a prolific killer. He took down deer almost constantly, saving me the need to hunt for myself. My biggest problem became having so much meat that I couldn't transport it all back to base, where I had stored too many supplies to move to the Trapper's. I ended up wearing down my knife and hatchet quite a bit when harvesting. There was only one major place (besides the bunker and possibly minor locations) I had not looted, but I knew I had a chance to find something worthwhile: The Carter Hydroelectric Station. I knew at this point about Fluffy. I knew if I wanted to go there, I needed to be prepared to take on anything. But now it was Day 10. I had an achievement. I was in the big leagues now. I could take a wolf. I was ready.

I packed up some of my meat, my rifle, and everything I thought I might need for take on Fluffy.

Now, I'll note that even though I had been considering this looting run for days, I was not at 100% condition. I slacked off a bit. I tried sleeping naked, and I was cold. I also didn't sleep as much as I should have. But I had a gun. I was prepared for anything.

Anything, besides the food poisoning I would get from the venison snack I had right before I entered the dam. Fluffy never came, but sickness did. I rushed into the back corner of the dam, where the firepit is, attempting to set up camp to rest away the food poisoning. I set a fire, and started boiling water, not realizing just how much I would decay in that time. My pack suddenly weighed a ton, and I was too tired to store it properly. The decay was quick, and I needed a lotof rest. So I threw off as much gear as I could onto the ground. If it weighed anything, it sat about 5 feet from my bedroll. I started to sleep in shortish intervals, but I had dropped the water without thinking. The dehydration, and the fatigue and the illness all built up, and I decided on a Hail Mary, a final 2 hour rest, at 3%, to try to sleep off the disease.

It didn't work, and I faded into the Long Dark.

(It did say when I died that the food poisoning had passed, so I suspect I may have died immediately upon awakening and not in my sleep)

The next time I reached day 10, I wasn't quite as lucky. I was doing alright for food and most supplies, but once again my tools were degrading. I had, again, looted most major locations, besides the Dam. And once again, I was looking to it as a potential last resort. I packed the hell out of antibiotics this time. I was ready for food poisoning, and set off in good health. I had my gun ready, and Fluffy, should he be there, was going down.

Once again, I packed heavily, because I'd already rested, packed up my meat, and set off.

This time I ran into the dam, and waited. I heard nothing. I ran into the control room and prepared to shoot if anything came my way. But nothing did. Thinking I was safe, I pulled out my lantern and prepared to start looting. And that is when something large and black took the chance to lunge at me from the dark. I should note here: It's a really good thing that I do not have a heart condition, because holy shit.

For the first time ever, I fought the wolf off, just enough for it to begin retreating. I pulled out my rifle, and the wolf turned and took me on for round two before I got out a single shot. But this time, I fought Fluffy off again, and I definitively won the battle. Fluffy died at my hands.

Unfortunately, I was now at 23%, bleeding out and at a risk for an infection. And somehow, inconceivably, the one thing I forgot to bring was antiseptic. I had a drawer full of the stuff back at the Office, but that was a long way from here.

So I made camp, once again, in the corner by the wood barrel. I then looted everything I could, including the new safe that was added with tonight's update. No antiseptic. I developed an infection, and barely had the water to stay hydrated through the rest I needed to take.

I did what I could to balance out my stats and rest, but it started to look pretty grim. I went to sleep for a final Hail Mary, in the dark corner of the dam.

But this time, I woke up. I have made it to Day 11.

Now I have a bit of an uphill battle. My condition is still low, and the Dam makes for a poor temporary camp. The food is old, I can't harvest Fluffy (it says condition is too low. I can't tell if that's because Fluffy's corpse has degraded over the 20 hours or so since the kill, or if its because of my own condition.), and I'm low on water and firewood.

I'm upset that I won't at least get to eat the dog, but if it looks like my end is imminent, I plan to die outside. Damn Dam.

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