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Bill Tarling

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Poop - "Logic Artist" is starting their push now to take over top voting spot in the category...

So it's time to start posting on Facebook and getting all our friends to drop in their quick vote for Hinterland as well.

You know how quickly our Hinterlander Family is growing, so c'mon all you TLD fans -- get your vote in right away so Hinterland and The Long Dark dominate to a win as Best New Studio!

Remind people there's nothing to sign up for, and you don't even need to give your name or email -- just checkbox beside Hinterland and click Vote :o)

The category is about 13 spots down the list:

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The voting might not always acknowledge more votes on the same system -- however...

It does seem to accept individual votes from multiple systems (e.g. desktop, iPad, and cell phones each get a vote).

You could also try votes from friends systems, your local library internet, and possibly even roaming IP or wi-fi hotspots (I haven't tried those last 2 yet, so let me know if it works).

"Logic Artists" seems to be really making a push in reclaiming top nominated spot every day, so let's show them that we Hinterlanders can push back even harder.

For a quick direct (and easy to type in) mobile browser link, just have everybody type in:

Let's crank out those votes and prove we Hinterlanders Rule!!!

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I'm hoping everyone can cut'n'paste this Facebook post example to their own FB page... Hinterland & TLD need every vote we can get them for Best New Studio.

I've also X'ed out displaying the contest page image itself -- just to make it clean, short, and so it doesn't get lost as just another random "look at this picture" type link that most people will skip over.

Example Post:

If u get a quick sec, could you vote for Hinterland (the Long Dark) as Best New Studio. There's no signup, email, or anything -- just check beside their name and click vote -- that's it :)

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C'Mon Hinterlands -- This Is Our Last Chance!!!

PLEASE!!! Everybody -- drop a post on your Facebook page to get as many contacts to give Hinterland the last minute vote... we're just a few shy from taking first place, and today is the last day to get the H-Team the award recognition we all know they deserve.

Here's a sample of what I posted on my personal FB page... hopefully you can do the same right away. Let's bring home the trophy to Hinterland & The Long Dark!!!


I need a favor from all my friends (and your friends as well)...

Today is the last day for voting for the Best New Gaming Developer, and my great friends at Hinterland is still just a few votes shy of claiming the top spot.

You can likely submit separate votes from your laptop, phone, and tablet -- but there are just a few hours left to help get them into the well deserved top place.

PLEASE!!! Give the link a quick click, and just select Hinterland (The Long Dark) -- you don't need to leave a name, email, or do any kind of signup... Just click "Vote" for them

Please ask a few of your friends to do the same as well. We're really trying to give them recognition for their project, and a few seconds of time can really make a huge difference. Please spread the word for today!

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Well, Hinterland/TLD are way in front -- but it looks like voting isn't closed yet... No idea when the deadline is.

TLD gained a really nice jump into the 70%+ area, but there's a bit of a battle for 2nd place which keeps dropping us down a bit (currently, as of this post, around the 69% mark and we seem to dip with a lot of surge votes from the other competitors).

Calling on all Hinterlanders -- if you haven't done so yet, drop in your vote(s) -- it looks like desktops and mobile devices can each add their own votes. Let's kick TLD back up into the 70%+ range, and do our best to keep it there.

With over 7300 backers so far (plus our friends), there's no reason we can't help the H-Team maintain the top place each day. :o)

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Another Castle's 2013 Best Newcomer Studio Winner

Our favorite developers trounced into 1st place with an impressive 69.19% of the votes!

Congratulations to the whole H-Team on their first award -- just the start of many still ahead.

Also a big thanks to fellow Hinterlanders who raised the call to action, and helped promote the voting everywhere.

I expect that the official announcement will be released in a few days, but Hinterland & TLD finished in top place with polls now closed.


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