A little tribute to the Art Team that I'm working on

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I'm putting together an in-game project of sorts, and I wanted to get a little feedback on the idea.

'Hope's Road' will be the photographically documented journey of Hope Prescott as she makes her way back to Timber Wolf Mountain from her home in Desolation Point. It will also have regular journal entries to accompany the photos.... these will be written directly from actual in-game experiences as she makes her way though all the map areas, and also used as a little story telling. This is in Voyager, and with a few added restrictions I've placed on myself for a little more story immersion (no painkillers, etc) to add a bit of substance to the journal entries ... and fun for me.

This is just to get some feedback on the overall idea .... the finished project will be placed elsewhere, with a link to it posted here (as it's going to be pretty large when complete). The shots will have very little editing, apart from cropping, and framing for dramatic effect, though some light enchantment work may be added to some when it adds that extra something special. The point is, to show case the amazing work the Dev Team have done with such an interesting graphical approach to a game environment, in an age where "True lifelike realism" has become the holy grail of game graphics for immersion. I wanted to show how stunning this graphical style can be, and get some shots that regular players .... and maybe even the Art Team themselves :) seldom see. I get these by going against all the standard survival "should" and "must never" practices in the game .... 90% of the game is having to sleep in 2 hour intervals in snow shelters, or just sitting in the open in howling gales at - 30 waiting for the light, or whether to change for that "one shot". Lol, I also regularly forget to eat and drink while I'm out getting these shots, and being at 30% health or below is "Ok, I'm doing fine" ... so it will be a miracle if Hope actually makes it to her destination.

I'd like to hear what people think of the idea.




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