Your ideas on a new type of Challange

Shane Retter

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I read a thread the other day regarding the lack of any real purpose in the later stages of Sandbox Modes, and after a day or two of pondering, I thought I'd post this for some feedback.

So, the Sandbox in TLD, is just what sandboxes are meant to be..... a place where you can use all the game features to freely create your own unique experience. In this case, it does a great job of letting us play through, and test game features for the Devs, without having the main story spoiled for us by having us test there.... and have a tonne of fun while doing it. I also love the fact they have implemented the Challenge modes right out of the gate, as I think this where community built content could shine brightest once we have access to files with editing software later on. I'm already planning for this, and taking notes on what I think would make for a really engaging new Challenge that would see all the freedom of sandbox coupled with the purpose of an end goal.

I'm imagining something that would take around 100 - 200 days, or even longer to complete. So, in essence, around the time that a usual Sandbox life starts to feel "done", you may be at a point where you can finally successfully attempt the final objective you've spent the last 200 days preparing for. Bear in mind [pun intended] ... once the team has released the story mode, I think we'll see a huge number of new features available across all modes ... maybe even new areas that they are not yet being releasing for 'spoiler' reasons.

I'd like to hear your ideas, and thoughts. What idea do you think would make for a great long term challenge?  Is building a "long term" challenge even a good idea to start with?


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