#191 Too windy to start fire in cave


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In one of my earliest runs, I found myself in a cave (which I haven't found since). The cave was rather big but very protected, and I decided to set up a camp in there. Unfortunately, I was unable to start a fire there because it was too windy. This seemed like it shouldn't havebeen the case, as the cave was out of the apparent path of the wind. It's possible, though, that I misjudged.

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I am having this problem in the cave that connects Pleasant Valley and Carter River/Hydro Dam/Mystery Lake. Fresh game in v.243. I can not start a fire, the message "it's too windy to start a fire there" appears. I can faintly hear wind, so I assume it's windy outside the cave.

I have tried all over the main cavern (where the bedroll/backpack/burned-out fire is) and down many side tunnels. I did finally find a spot that would allow a fire in one of the dead-end tunnels, but it was very finicky to place as it was surrounded by "invalid" locations.

I have previously successfully started fires in this cave in earlier versions of the game.

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