Droping some tinder on rock in TWM makes it disappear


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In TWM I had some tinder bundles from chopping trees. Well at level 5 I do not really need them, so I use them to make Arrow designs on the map (and other things) to mark my way and guide me where to go.

I got on a giant rock and dropped 5 to begin to place them into an arrow figuring on the rock with the snow it would provide some contrast at a distance I might see it better. Well they disappeared, literally, gone, nowhere to be found. No amount of crouching, mouse movement etc ever showed them up again to be used/moved/picked up.

For reference, the rock is a giant boulder that is just off the lake between the bear cave and the dock to the right of the maple sapling [spoiler/] it juts up high after you are off the pond.

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There seem to be other locations where if you drop things, they can disappear. It has been mentioned for flare gun shells. I had arrow heads disappear when I dropped them on the floor in the Hibernia Whale Processing Plant on the corrugated sheet metal near the Crafting Table/Work Bench. Is it possible to string duplicate bugs onto the same thread rather than put them in Duplicate? That way we could see when they are resolved etc. Thanks moderators!

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