respirtory infections


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Ok so it's winter and I've recently been recovering from a case of pneumonia. I wondered how pneumonia could be caught and after some research I've discovered that you can't get pneumonia by being out in the cold but you can get a cold or flu that can turn into pneumonia. So I figured since you have to spend a lot of time outside in the long dark how comes you never hear your character have a wet cough. So what if you developed a cold and had to find allergy medicine or something on those lines to fix it. Obviously like real life it won't get fixed immediately but it can slowly get better. But if you leave it untreated you can develope respiratory infections such as bronchitis and influenza which can turn into pneumonia. Now maybe if they do put in such things the pneumonia can be either atypical or bacterial. Now those are just a few ideas I put together. Thanks for reading byyyeeee. 

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