First attempt at Voyager


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So, after 23 days on Pilgrim, getting used to the game (and frankly owning it), I thought I'd have a go at Voyager.

I only lasted 8 days and 15 hours.

Toward the end of day two, I had my first run-in with a wolf; it ate my socks, trousers (two pairs), thermal underwear, hat and mittens. For the next six days, I ran around naked from the waist down, in short bursts, desperately trying to find trousers or deer hides to make trousers from. 

Finally, I found that precious final deer carcass; all I had to do was make it home and survive on my limited supplies until this final hide cured. Fighting off another wolf attack and using the last of my bandages, I camped the night, before checking the weather was warm enough to venture out in, then set off.

On the way home, the temperature plummeted and the cold set in; slowly freezing to death I staggered on - right into a wolf pack. I lit a flare and waved it like a madman, but to no avail. The thing savaged me and I hadn't the strength to fight it off. I woke up to see it's furry little backside sauntering off, it's two mates closing to finish me. My bedroll, magnifying glass and other possessions were scattered all over the floor around me. I made a dash for home, rapidly bleeding to death.

I made it to my door with 6% condition.

I made it to my medical stores with 4%.

No bandages!!

I bled-out tearing cloth into strips.


Many lessons learned. I love this game.

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One of the hardest lessons I learned was to always have way too many bandages handy. :) Think there's a chance of maybe three wolves, bring 5 bandages.  FYI - on harder levels you'll have an increased chance of multiple bleeding wounds.


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