TLD could use a better toolbelt


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I say "better" because, although we can't see one, the 1 (light source) 2 (weapon) 3 (decoy) keys already act like a 3-slot toolbelt.

The problem I have with the current one is that it always selects a flare first, even though I want to equip a storm lantern. Or it always selects the bow with the better quality, even though I want to first use the one that has 20% quality remaining. Or it always drops venison meat, even though I took wolf meat with me as decoy. So in short, I am not too enthusiastic with how these keys currently work. But that is somewhat understandably, because the algorithm to select an appropriate item can't be changed to fit every possible situation; there are simply too many possibilities to take into account.

If we open our inventory, we see our backpack as a grid with 4 rows and 6 columns. I'd say it should be possible to use the space of the last row to equip the slots of a real toolbelt. The last slot should be the decoy slot as this acts a little different; i.e. don't equip/eat/drink the item in it, but drop it. So in essence this would give us a 6-slot toolbelt with 5 general purpose slots and a decoy slot.

I don't think that there is an actual need to display the toolbelt itself (like you can see them in other games). Just open your backpack and you will see which items are assigned to the slots.

Now, how much would a real toolbelt change gameplay?

Well, for one it doesn't allow you to instantaneously equip an item that is buried deep inside your backpack, which the current toolbelt does. So it makes a little more sense to me if you had to attach items, which you might need (without having to open your backpack) beforehand to your legs, waistbelt or to the outside of your backpack.

This of course should make things a little more interesting, because you can't tell Mr. Wolf to hold on for a second while you dig out another decoy.

But it shouldn't be too harsh because the radial menu could still allow you to access any item.

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This is a good idea, I've felt for a while that being able to select what goes onto each numbered slot would make picking the right item a lot more intuitive. Flipping through items is annoying and can be a killer when you're facing a wolf and you need to take out a flare.

The original Deus Ex is a good example to copy; you simply drag an item from the inventory onto the numbered slot below and it becomes assigned to that number. Perhaps limit it to 5 slots or so instead of 10 and perhaps make one slot a rifle/bow only slot to represent having it slung.


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I'd actually like a craftable toolbelt that is visible, but I say that because I've been watching The Walking dead and whenever I see Rick, his gun belt is basically one of his more noticeable clothing items, his ax is always hanging off of it and it gives him quick access to his Colt Python.

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