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(1) Cleaning a rifle

I think it would be pretty nasty/funny, if there was a random chance to shoot yourself when cleaning your rifle without unloading it beforehand.

Think about the rage threads that this might trigger :)

(2) Deer shouldn't run through a player ...

... at least not without causing serious injuries, because that makes it too easy to kill them.

Spook or shoot an arrow at a deer so that it runs around. Then wait until it heads back to your position. Place yourself directly in its path. Aim and shoot another arrow at it when it is close enough. That way it is hard to miss it; and if that arrow won't kill it, the deer will merely run through your character. There are no consequences whatsoever.

(3) Debug images F8, F9, F10

These are currently saved to the desktop. This is a bit odd, because this will clutter up the desktop if you take multiple images to report a bug.

A desktop is usually already filled with multiple program/file links. Better place them inside the computer user's Pictures folder instead of /home/<user-name>/Pictures (or ~/Pictures; Linux path notation) instead of /home/<user-name>/Desktop (or ~/Desktop). I'm sure that there are similar folders on PC/MAC.

(4) Storm Lantern, Make Empty

Sometimes I find Storm Lanterns that are in good shape and have some remaining fuel in it. The only method I know of how to get my hands on the remaining fuel is to harvest the lantern and thus destroy it. That is rather impractical if I want to keep one as a backup lantern.

It would be nice if there was a "Make Empty" action you could use; similar to the "Unload" action of a rifle.
This would be especially helpful in the early stages of a game.

(5) Jerry Can, Lantern Fuel

It would be nice if you could manually "Refill" a "Jerry Can" (JC) when you have stacks of "Lantern Fuel" (LF) inside your inventory.

If you cook fish, you get the cooked fish and "Lamp Oil" (LO). The odd thing about this is, that if you have a JC inside your inventory, it is auto-refilled with the LO you get. If you forgot to move a JC into your inventory, then the game will add LF stacks to your inventory.

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Just now, starfighter441 said:

What? You get lamp oil when you cook fish?  I missed that somehow.

Note to self; start fishing more.

Only minor amounts :)

I think they have added this in one of the last updates to help in long running games.

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