Journal, Frostbite, Current vs. All Time


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So far, I only managed to get frostbite only once in the two games I played that might be worth mentioning (Pilgrim, Voyageur). So I am still a newbie if it comes to the amount of games I started.

The Journal entry does state 513 (513 hours ~ 21.4 days) as the Frostbite entry's all time value. 21 days seems about right, but I can't recheck the journal because I can no longer access it. I died on day 93 due to a stupid mistake.

I think I can grasp why the total-value counts the number of hours you had frostbite.

Still, I think it would be easier to understand if the journal would display units behind the numbers (h, days, N). Without these indicators, the numbers get meaningless because the longer you play, the less likely you are to make any sense of them.

screen_(1082, -119, -174)_3e22d23f-4b3d-4dc4-83b7-e5b4b9dceed3.jpg

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