Falling backpack container needs to rotate


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Sometimes I find loot (soft drinks, sewing kit, blue plastic boxes, etc.) placed on top of furniture. Once I harvest the furniture, these containers drop down to the floor, as it should be. The final result though looks a bit odd if the item is a loot-able backpack because the back side of these backpacks won't align to the ground.

I'll admit that this is not exactly a bug and probably a game-engine limitation; and as such probably not easy to fix. It is still a bit irritating because you cannot remove these backpacks.

A way around properly fixing this issue might be to make the furniture non-harvest-able if the item is a loot container that has not yet been looted. Once it is looted and the furniture is harvested, the container could be destroyed. - This on the other hand might trigger future bug reports if you ever plan to make those plastic boxes moveable.

The locations that I have experienced this issue are:
- Mystery Lake, SafeHouseA, (-3, -148, 6)
- Mystery Lake, LakeCabinA, (-2, -148, 0)

screen_(-3, -148, 6)_99e521be-d0b7-446a-af6d-071a7068d7f6.jpg

screen_(-3, -148, 6)_cfdfb13b-6808-4b46-8399-41c1f10ae584.jpg

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