I can jump out of the world


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Just checking, but you DIDN'T actually jump right? Because that's just stupid. :twisted:

There are actually loads of areas where you can get behind the boarders and effectively hit the edge of the map. I made it to the other side of the dam last night while looking for the bunker.

There are also a few places where you can fall through the world when heading down a slope and hitting a tree in the wrong place. unfortunately I have no idea exactly where they are because it's usually dark or a blizzard when that happens. :oops: The last time was up the slopes heading to the edge of the map closest to the logging camp.

I figure that's a permitted reason to use the load option though. ;)

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When encountering off-map areas, it would help if you could include the coordinates whenever possible. You can get them from a screenshot using F8 -- that way it makes it easier for the studio to have the graphics team re-check the specific mesh and path settings for that section. If you happen to be recording at the time, a short clip of the fallthrough area also helps. :)

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