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I have seen some post requesting to make those blue plastic containers moveable. I like that idea quite a lot. The only issue I have with this is that it requires you to find one and then take it back to your "base". I think it would help even more if you were able to craft a basket using sticks.

So why would you need a basket if you can drop everything on the ground? - I am thinking of preparing to cook a lot of meat and water. So you move out to gather tons of fuel (sticks, etc.) and you drop them where you would like to cook. The point about this is: It gets *very tedious* to pick many items back up from the ground. So why not make use of the game's "Item Transfer" feature?

I'd also like to see that you can pick up those baskets once you want to move to another location/base. But that raises the inevitable question of how to deal with the basket-in-a-basket problem. - This shouldn't actually be an issue because you can either (1) make it necessary to empty the basket before you allow to pick it up, or (2) update the basket's weight according to it's contents before picking it up. - I'd prefer solution no 2.

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I like your idea, I feel it could be quite hard to program though because not only then might you have to program how much a basket can hold but may also have to program the interior space of it and methods to pack as much into it so that it all actually fits.

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On 3/4/2017 at 1:15 AM, henroe32 said:

... you have to program how much a basket can hold but may also ...

It will take quite some effort, that's for sure.

How a craftable container behaves, should actually already be in the game, because you can already interact with containers (interior view interface, transfer items action). I guess the most effort would have to go into developing a 3d model which fits nicely into the game. Compared to that, integrating it (open, place and a pick up action) into the game and balancing it (How much can it hold? What do you need to craft it?) shouldn't take too long.

As it turns out, the effort would be worth it:
- You could use these as rubbish bins.
- You could use these to better organize the interior of your base.
- You could also allow hide, guts and the like to dry if placed inside.

So these baskets/containers could be used in multiple different ways.

Other, similar wish list threads.
- "A way to destroy items (Rubbish Bin)"
- "Craftable/Movable Furniture ..."
- "Hanging skins, guts etc"
- "Moveable storage"

So people are asking, one way or another, for such an addition.

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