Getting stuck in Mystery Lake


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(1) Camp Office

I tend to drop cured gut between the right side of the workbench and the adjacent wall. This should be close to the coordinates (-2, -148, -6). Sometimes though, when I move my character into that gap and pick up guts, or add new ones to the stack, my character gets stuck; meaning that I cannot walk out of that gap again. The only way to free myself is to crouch my way out.

(2) Rift/Pit on top of a hill

The newbie I am, I was climbing hills and rocks all over the place and managed to fall into a pit. That trap is located on top of the mountain behind the destroyed building in Deadfall Area; right next to the coordinates (551, 27, 326). I did not manage to move my character out of it again because the walls are too steep. Lucky for me, restarting the game spawned my character at a safe location^^

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