Wool ear flap doesn't give windproof bonus


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I think something is wrong with the Wool Ear Flap. While it gets wet/frozen -- indicating that it's exposed to the outside and to wind -- and its stats include a "Windproof bonus" (of around 1 degree F), there isn't any way that I can get my "Feels Like" Temp to show that the game recognizes the windproof bonus.

For instance, if I put on my ~90% Wool Toque which shows a Windproof bonus of 1.6 degrees F, my Feels Like Temp Windproof bonus goes from 20 degrees F to 22 degrees F (wearing other clothes too, of course). Wearing the Wool Ear Flap (with a Windproof bonus of 0.9 degrees F) doesn't change those stats -- the Windproof bonus doesn't change when I put the Ear Flap on (though the Warmth bonus does change). This is whether or not I have the Toque (or any other head slot items) on. In other words if the Toque's 1.6 degree Windproof bonus boosts overall Windproof by +2 degrees F, the Wool Ear Flap's 0.9 degree Windproof bonus SHOULD boost overall Windproof bonus by 1 degree F.

But it doesn't.


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I know the "feels like" temp is a rounded to a whole number. That's why the Touqe's 1.6 gives you a +2. If the ear flaps are 0.9 the combination would be +2.5.

Don't know if they round 0.5 up or down. If you can repair a piece of clothing to increase the bonus by 0.1 or 0.2 see if that puts you up another degree.

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