Falling through the ground in quonset gas station


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you can walk in the store portion of the gas station and the bathroom and loot to your hearts content, but when you play on interloper theirs not much there. When you walk into the garage portion of the gas station, like where the workbenches are and the tires you just fall right through the ground.

 I am playing on Windows 10 and if i was too vague interloper.

i really don't believe my graphics card nor my cpu has to do with this

i believe both are out of date drivers

and i am running this on 1080p on ultra 

I am going to try to explain what i did before and after the glitch to what i can recall. 

I was walking towards that gas station and decided to pull out my torch to light it and scare off any wolves, but i think there was a bear because i heard crows and the wolf was running around crying. I was crouched when i open the door to the gas station i got in and i turn off my torch and started looting. I'm not sure if this matters but the first thing i looted was the cash register and the last was a locked locker in the bathroom. i did have my torch out the whole time and i was able to fall through the ground over and over again because it would respawn me in front of the store entrance and i wanted to see if time would fix it. i ended up leaving the store and then coming back in and that fixed it.

I really think this was a one time thing because i have no clue what could have cause this glitch so i couldn't recreate it, i just told you what happen before and after. I couldn't get any more info then that.

This was a pain to make because i wrote this on my pc with 4G from my phone that has been slowed down to 128kb/s on average it goes 50 to 0 kb/s so i waited over 30 minutes for the forum page to load and another 10 to get to the bug reporting part. i hope this report was helpful.



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This is a known issue that does occur from time to time - We have a mechanize to recover you and teleport you back into the world. As long as it's not happening 100% then it sounds like the issue we're currently tracking (we believe it to be an engine side issue.)

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