Can't kill deers when weather is foggy


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Hey TLDiers,

Can anyone else please check if you can kill deers when the weather is foggy because I noticed that even when I was targeting a deer on it is body and shoot, it didn't kill it but when weather is clear I can kill a deer perfectly fine even when targeting it is body. The area that I had the problem, was at Trapper's Homestead (but i don't think that it plays any role).

p.s. I will post this also in Steam for those who don't have account in here if that is okay devs and mods?

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Well first we would have to find out why astrea_anerada wanted to go out in that kind of weather in the first place. It is ghastly and disorienting out there in that weather. Cold and unforgiving. Stay inside. Make a fire. Read a book. Drink some tea. This is not the time to go out and hunt deer. :D

Other than that, no I cannot confirm this, I had no trouble whatsoever killing dear even in this weather. Here's proof:

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@Trandor, thank you for the video. Truly it shows that you didn't have any problem shooting the deers in foggy weather but I don't know why I was having though.

Alan, please don't close the thread until I also do a re-check now that we got the new update as soon as I get the chance finding rifle and having the appropriate foggy weather again and will report back.

As of why I went out in a bad weather is because I needed food, badly. ^_^"

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