Clipping through ground at lake overlook in Mystery Lake

Tenasi Vol

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I tried searching forums to see if this was posted and didnt seem to find anything about this particular site.  So, if this is a repost, I apologize.

On the lake overlook in Mystery Lake there is a rock outcropping to the right of the ropes you can descend to get down to the lake.  If you walk out on that rock outcropping your character begins to clip through the snow/ground and appears to fall through.  You can some from the side, and it sometimes allows you to walk on top.  But, if you are coming from the cave area and head out toward the end (like you are walking out to look down onto the lake) the clipping begins there.

I am unable (and too scared) to see if you clip completely through the map.  It made my heart skip a beat when Im 47 days in.  lol





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Here it is, @romerabr, as requested.  Still lost some in the beginning where I show the rope that goes down to help get exact location.  

Looks to be isolated to a small section of snow/ice on top of a rock outcropping.  Character will clip through the snow/ice and walk on the rock outcropping instead.

Might not be a big deal now that I have walked all over it after making a new game.  Doesnt seem to clip through the rock.



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